Sanitation Toilet

Portable Toilets- Different Types Available In The Market

Construction worksites usually see high usage of portable toilets. They are common units set up at different locations within the perimeter of the worksite. They are also in charge of ensuring sanitation by allowing the laborers to use clean toilets as and when needed and keeping the world clean.

What are the Portable Toilets?

As the name implies, any toilets that are moveable are portable toilets.

– They are transferrable to their location of usage and installed on site.
– Set within caravans and mobile vans.
– Green toilets are portable from one site to another and use again etc.

Different Types of Portable Toilets

Portable toilets are very important because they are placed there are no pre-existing onsite facilities like sewage disposal. These toilets are self-contained units that are perfect for installation at construction worksites with no basic services immensely.

There are different types of portable toilets in use today:

Chemical Toilets

This type of toilet, all human waste are in the holding tank. The chemicals present in the tank help mask the odor or they have biocides that keep the bacteria from multiplying.

There are two types of chemical toilets in the construction job sites:

• Chemical toilets using cold water for flushing
• Chemical toilets using hot water for all purposes

Container-Based Sanitation

This is a cost-effective toilet that facilitates the batch of human waste in containers to transfer to approved treatment amenities. The benefit of this facility is there’s no absolute contact with the waste. This portable toilet is ideal for areas where it is either not possible neither is it fitting to assemble or use the sewerage system.

Bucket Toilet

This dry portable toilet uses a bucket to gather human waste. Since feces and urine are both in the tank, there are stench issues. Therefore, this portable toilet is not ideal in construction locations.

Composting Toilet

This composting and decomposition happen in an environment of the controlled aerobic condition. These are also dry portable toilets since they don’t use any flush water.

Welfare Units

This uses a slightly different model and has a chemical toilet with a supply of hot water, a drying room, and even a generator. They are on the standby for those high management officials who visit the site and check the development of the dream project.

Freezing Toilet

This uses electricity to freeze the contents of this dry toilet. Due to the usage of electricity, the feces and other human wastes immediately freeze thus there’s no chance for the bacteria to grow. This guarantees that the toilets remain odorless.

Incineration Toilets

The incineration portable toilets are like freezing toilets, they’re dry toilets where there’s no water usage. They are ideal in a place where there is no facility for disposing of human waste. They are  in the holding tank and burned to create ash which is pathogen-free. Moreover, these toilets either use electricity, gas or other energy sources to power it. These toilets cost less than the normal standard portable toilets.


With the application of advanced technology to make sure that good sanitation exists even on construction worksites, more and more people are choosing for the same. Therefore, today construction portable toilets are prevalent enough to be in high demand.