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Negating 3 Common Portable Toilets Myths

Sometimes the crowd knows that more restrooms for their events are essential but fail to rent portable toilets. It is because they have either had unpleasant encounters in the past or have fallen prey to the social stigma that surrounds them. The temporary restroom would be the crucial part of a hygiene facility outdoors at some point in time. This is to ensure the surrounding from unsanitary practice.

At Portable Toilet Shower Singapore, our business are portable toilets. We couldn’t confidently run our business if the claims surrounding portable toilet rentals were true. In this article, we are going to discuss three of the biggest myths that hold clients or renters back from providing a cozy environment for their guests, invitees or visitors.

Portable Toilets Are Always Overcrowded

One of the biggest misunderstandings about portable toilets is that they are wTheyell-known to be dark, small spaces. For sure, there are portable units that are tinier and dark. But, there are also choices that provide comfortable space and light fixtures that offer the luxury that one needs when using the washroom.

The best part is that portable units with wide space are aren’t out of reach as far as price range. Therefore, if you need extra toilet space, there’s a toilet rental unit that will meet your business’ specifications or your needs.

Portable Toilets Are A Cesspool for Diseases

Luckily, the days of rental units living up to this fiction are far behind the reputed renters in our business. Some of the most prominent portable toilet rentals now skip the waste holding changer and include flushing facilities.

This makes for a tidier, better smelling surrounding, and that’s just the start of how sanitation has better for these products. There are also choices for people to wash their hands or disinfect with containers holding hand sanitizer. Rental suppliers provide the option of renting a hand-washing station that can be utilized outside of your portable toilets units.

Of course, no one wants to use a filthy washroom, and quality should never be decreased by the durability of a unit.

They Ruin the Natural Environment

Do you know that portable toilets use less water during supply than permanent fixtures? Portable washrooms are eco-friendlier than most people even know. Our business has started to take an interest in employing non-toxic elements for maintenance, chlorine-free products, and components made from repurposed materials.

Most notably, portable restrooms offer a place for people to alleviate themselves when the only other choice would have been out there in the natural situation. Our portable units securely include toxic waste until they are washed out and well disposed of when needed.

Break the Portable Toilets Stigma

Don’t let the fictions of portable toilets keep you from adding up a positive facility to your next occasion or event. Let Portable Toilet Shower Singapore show you the bright side of portable washroom rentals. Contact us today to know more about our available units and how we can assist make your event unforgettable.