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Portable Toilets – 7 Interesting Facts You Should Know

Portable toilets have the reputation of being a simple place to use amenities on the go. While our company does pride itself on availability for the public, there quite a few interesting facts that most don’t know about portable toilets.

You see them everywhere. They are on construction sites, at fairgrounds and other civic events, ships and many other locations. Portable toilets are very popular, as they are indispensable for people in certain situations.

Portable Toilets Have Been Saving Businesses Money Since WWII

The history of the traditional portable toilet originates from World War II. During the war, time was of the lifeblood and shipyards were losing efficiency because of employee toilet breaks. Therefore, instead of having to make the extensive travel from the ship to the docks to use the bathroom, boatyards started constructing wooden and metal portable toilets with a small holding tank inside for waste.

Portable Toilets Are Newer Than Standard Toilets

Though it may seem like the flushable toilet would be newer in age because of its “advanced technology,” that gets rid of human waste, these contraptions were invented in 1596 and standardized by 1851. The fist toilet on-the-go wouldn’t even hit the eastern docks until nearly 100 years after flushable toilets became a widespread trend.

No-Flush Equals Eco-Friendly

Renting a portable toilet creates an ecological boon for your community. The trick is, portable toilets don’t wash out and wastewater with every usage. In fact, porta potties use 90 percent less water than a conventional toilet.

Portable Toilets Are Very Clean

One of the biggest myths about portable toilet units is that they are unhygienic. Portable toilets come with facilities such as portable hand-washing stations, dispensable soap, and hand-sanitizer. We try to make every effort to keep your bathroom experience relaxed and healthy.

Blue Liquid in A Tank

The blue cleaning dye in a portable toilet gets its color for a reason. The dark blue tint is created to conceal unwanted spots in the unit’s tank. These tank liquids have biocides that kill microbes in the enclosed portable unit.

We Can Get Quite Luxurious

The normal porta potty isn’t the only way to keep invitees happy at outdoor big events. If your occasion is a wedding or even high-level business, luxury is the way to go for your toilet needs.

At Portable Toilet Shower Singapore, we have portable units to suit the mood of every customer and function. If comfort is what you need, you can browse our website. Thus, these options are ideal for events where staying relaxed and convenient counts.

It’s A Fact, Portable Toilet Shower Singapore Keeps Your Occasion Running Smoothly

If you are considering hosting a big outdoor event this summer, Portable Toilet Shower Singapore have a portable toilet unit to please and accommodate any sized crowd. We are a Singapore-based portable toilets servicing company that puts the comfort of our customers first. Moreover, email us at or contact us today at + (65) 90725454 to find out about our current portable unit availability.