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Portable Toilet – Top Questions to Ask When Renting

When most people choose to rent a portable toilet for events, their main concern is securing the toilet in time for their expected guests. However, several things need considering before making a final decision on a portable toilet rental company.

Before you plan your next spring event, go over this list of questions with your possible rental company to ensure that you’re making a safe and sanitary choice.

Is the Portable Toilet Rental Supplier Local?

Shopping local is always an ideal solution. This method is very helpful, especially when buying/renting a portable toilet. Making sure that the company you work is in the nearby mean that you will:

  • Faster delivery
  • Ensure a quick response if something needs repair

Both advantages will help your occasion start and run efficiently without you having to concern about toilet availability.

How Often Will Portable Toilet Be Cleaned?

This is an important question if you’re running a longer event like weekend block party or music festival. Most regular events may not even need a tank being emptied. But the longer your celebrations go, the more maintenance is needed for your portable restroom rentals. Understanding how often your contract offers maintenance is essential. The last thing that you would like at your affair is a portable restroom that can be smelled before it’s discovered!

What Are the Best Options?

Portable bathroom rentals are so much more than the porta potties that one would see in a local playground. Depending on the size and nature of your affair, you can select between a wide variety of toilet options and facilities.

Where Does the Portable Toilet Waste Go?

At Portable Toilet Shower Singapore, we care about the natural environment, and we think that you should too. That’s why we have this query as one of the most important matters on our list.

When asking this matter, the response you should be hearing is that the waste is disposed of at a local wastewater treatment site. If your potential supplier can’t be truthful with their response to this question, it’s time to look for a company that cares about keeping its atmosphere safe.

How Often Can the Toilet Be Used?

Your toilet’s tank has a small capacity. Before choosing a unit type and number of bathrooms, it’s best to discover how many uses your toilet can accommodate for your event. By talking to your rental supplier about the number of invitees at your event and how long it will operate, you will be able to control if the unit you have chosen will work, or if you will be needing a bigger tank to keep the event running smoothly.

Keep Guests Convenient at Your Next Event with Portable Toilet Shower Singapore

Portable Toilet Shower Singapore is a portable toilet shower rental company that serves Singapore and its nearby cities. We have a wide variety of portable bathrooms that will suit any event irrespective of style and size. If you are ready to work with a company that puts client service first? If so, contact us today to discover more about our available facilities.